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Private Label Denim Jeans Manufacturers

Micro-branding is the way. Do you have your own store brand yet?

In Stock Wholesale Jeans

Our Speciality

Custom made denim and other clothing. We specialize in helping wholesale brands, boutiques, retail chains and designers launch their own denim line or produce their existing one. Our simple process makes it easy to design and develop your own premium jeans, jackets, shorts... even without any prior design or manufacturing experience. We also manufacture high end hoodies, t-shirts and sweatpants. Private label custom made clothing means customers get their designs delivered with their branding. 

We Offer

To adjust to the growing needs of smaller brands and jeans stores, we offer wholesale and white label clothing in addition to our usual private label jeans manufacturing services.

The wholesale is straight forward, the goods are branded with our wholesale jeans brand and available for immediate delivery.

White label allows customers to order the jeans we have in stock with their store's branding. Shipping could happen in as little as 3 weeks, we take care of all of the trim development.


Denim Manufacturing by Private Label Clothing offers a wide range of options for jean bodies, colors, washes, and treatments plus full design and manufacturing service with minimums as low as 12pcs per style for pre-made goods and 200 pieces per style and wash for custom jeans manufacturing. Despite the small minimum order, our combined production capacity is 500,000 pcs per month. Our knits minimums are 240 pieces per style and 60 per color. 

We make any denim garment like jeans, shorts, skirts and jackets; we also work with other fabrics. We have development and production experience with all size scales including men's, women's, kids, petite, plus size and jeans for tall people. Starting a new design and getting it produce is as simple as sending us an existing garment to base the fit on and providing us with pictures or drawings of the design details to be applied. The same process is applied to our knits programs.


Create Your Own Premium Apparel Brand

We make your designs come to life.

How We Help

Whether you have experience or not, we guide you through the process and are here to grow with you. Start by selecting sample making to get a pattern, tech pack and sample of the garment you'd like to make or browse our other services below. Contact us if you'd like to talk, we're here to help, advice is always free. 

White Label Denim

Get jeans with your store's brand in as little as 3 weeks. Order any of the above men's and women's jeans from our White Label section and we will deliver them with your store's branding, just send us your main label and back patch designs, we take care of the rest. 

Pros of ordering white label:

  • Fast turnaround​

  • Low minimums

  • Your own brand on the goods

  • Inexpensive


White label apparel is now available!

White label means ready made garments that are unwashed and ready to be branded with the customer's branding. 

There are many models available in stock, both men's and women's in various fits. 

This system saves both time and money. Choose a style and a wash, we add your labels and can ship in as little as 3 weeks. All the jeans in our white label page are made in USA or Mexico. Click here for more details.


In stock jeans now available. Choose from a variety of styles and washes, we will ship the jeans within 1 week. These jeans are already branded, not private or white label.  

Browse men's and women's styles ready to go. Many are made in USA or Mexico and offered and incredibly low prices, less than half the regular wholesale the brand used to sell for.

Visit our Wholesale Page to browse available jeans in stock for quick delivery. 



We are here to make your  fashion designs a reality

We are wholesale clothing suppliers for boutiques and larger stores. We take private label orders from brands, designers, and retail chains. Please browse through our website to learn more about our products and services; contact us with any question you may have.

Our Services

Submit your own design or choose from one of our own. Click on an icon to learn more.

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Other Services

Privatelabelmex icons1-07.png

Full commercial denim laundry services. Available as part of a full package order

Privatelabelmex icons1-03.png

Clothing cut and sew service. Available only as part of a full package order

Privatelabelmex icons1-05.png

Branded labels and buttons development. Available only as part of a full package order

Privatelabelmex icons1-04.png

Premium denim fabric supplier. Available only as part of a full package order

Privatelabelmex icons1-06.png

We warehouse your goods and fulfill orders. Available starting at 1000 pieces in stock


Featured Products

Custom Clothing Manufacturers

Order Samples and Patterns - Start Here

First step, get a sample. Start with just a sample or save with one of our full production packages. Use this link to order any denim sample. Get jeans, jackets and any other denim garment to fill your fashion line in as little as 4 weeks. Customers can submit their own designs via photo, drawing, sketch or existing sample. A pattern can be added as an option ($300)

All you need to get started is an idea of how you want your design to look and an existing pair of pants (doesn't matter what brand as long as the fit works for you) to base the fit on. 

Please note that the sample and pattern are included at no additional cost when ordered as part of a full package production. See our packages below.



Your Own

Denim sample


Lead time

23-32 / 28-40

4 - 6 weeks




200 Piece Full Package Your Design Women's Jeans

Save $1,200 with this wholesale custom made women's jeans package! Includes a sample, a pattern, light to medium deconstruction, any simple wash you choose, woven labels and real leather back patches with your logo or brand, delivery and duty paid. Can be split up to 2 washes for an additional fee. Finished garments delivered with your branding. Total price $6,000.

New styles only, please email us for reorders of existing styles.



Your Brand

Premium Jeans




200pcs / style



Cut And Sew Jean Manufacturers

200 Men's Bulk Premium Denim Package

Save over $2,400! This for a custom made full package wholesale order that includes everything: your design, your brand, light deconstruction, any basic wash, a sample, a pattern, branded main label, branded real leather back patch, generic buttons, shipping and duty on 200 piece production in the sizes you choose. $6200 total base price, some dry treatments and embellishments  may cost extra. Made in Mexico with premium denim fabric!



Your Brand

Premium Jeans




200pcs / style



W1285KA-VTI-BC-5__89432 - Edited.jpg

240 Women's High Quality Jeans

Make your own custom design women's premium jeans and get 240 pieces delivered by air for $6,720 total. Sample and pattern included. Main labels and branded leather back patches included. Choose any basic wash and light deconstruction. Give us a picture of your target wash and measurements, that's all we need. Price shown includes air freight and duty. 



Your Brand

Premium Jeans




240pcs / style



W12302A-RST-BC-1__37971 - Edited.jpg

1200 Women's Custom Jeans Bulk $21/pc Delivered

Wholesale jeans buying just got better. Get this bulk quantity deal and land each jean for $21 per piece delivered with duty paid. Total purchase $25,200. Start with a $6000 deposit. 

Make up to 2 custom designs and choose up to 2 washes each. We will make samples first and send them to you DHL for approval. After you review, we will start the production of the 1200 pieces. 

This full package includes everything you need to get branded, finished garments delivered bulk to your door. 



Your Brand

Premium Jeans




240pcs / style


$6,000 Deposit

Jeans Metal Buttons Manufacturer

24/27L Jean Button Development

Source your diecast or stamped metal buttons right here. Give us the description of how you want your button to look, forward your graphics and our trim supplier will send you an drawing. Once you approve the design the buttons will be produced. Price includes mold and all other fees. 

Add custom rivets as an option for $100 more.

Once you approve the button sample, the minimum order is 144 buttons. 




Metal button


Lead time

24 or 27L

4-6 weeks



Premium Wholesale Clothing Suppliers and Bulk Distributors

We are jeans manufacturers offering premium denim with low minimums, reasonable prices and quick delivery. Our small batch apparel production line caters to large and small companies interested in high quality jeans made to their specifications.

Whether you are looking for cut and sew jean manufacturers or full package clothing production, we offer a range of services to meet each customer’s unique needs. Our products and services include wholesale denim fabric, sample making including patterns and tech packs, cut and sew manufacturing, design services, trim development, full package clothing production, denim laundry and drop shipping. We expanded beyond our own jeans factory to meet the increased demand for quality made clothing. Since the demand for premium jeans and other garments is growing, we have expanded our offerings to overseas production. We work with a large factory in Pakistan that manufactures for big brand denim companies. 


The minimum order for overseas (Pakistan) production is 120 pieces. All minimums are per style/color or wash. Customers can choose any size combination as long as the total is equal or greater than the applicable minimum. 

Made in USA and made in Mexico are also available with 250 pieces MOQ.

You can order patterns and samples of jeans, jackets, and other denim items for your fashion line or boutique. Each pattern order comes with a free tech pack. You can submit your own design via techpack with specs, sketch, photo, or an existing sample. The minimum production quantity depends on what you are ordering and your requirements. Our typical minimum order quantity is 120 per style and wash, customer chooses size break. Samples are $650 for one sample of your own original design, pattern $300.

We are wholesale clothing suppliers for boutiques and larger stores. We take private label orders from brands, designers and retail chains. Please browse through our website to learn more about our products and services; contact us to learn how we can meet your requirements.

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