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Expert Clothing Line Manufacturers

A successful clothing line is one that includes garments that are worth their price in terms of quality, durability and style. The best way to ensure the success of your own clothing line is to plan well, keeping the latest market trends in mind. This can be done by forming a relationship with an established clothing line manufacturer like us. We, at Private Label Apparel, enable brands, boutiques and custom clothing designers to launch their own clothing lines. Our focus on providing quality products at reasonable prices has earned us the reputation of being a trustable custom clothing manufacturer for small orders.

Finding the Right Fabric for Your Garments

We ensure that the garments ordered by you are made from the fabric of your choice. You can choose from our inventory by viewing the samples sent by us and selecting the one that best suits your needs. In case you wish to choose the fabric yourself, we can introduce you to our local fabric suppliers. Clothing distributors, suppliers and vendors for boutiques who need special fabrics like nylon reinforced, flame retardant denim or water-resistant denim can get everything they need from us.

Providing Multiple Samples for Your Orders

Designers who are clear about the style of their clothing line can send us the detailed specifications in the form of a tech pack or a picture of an actual product to allow us to prepare sample garments. Our expert sample makers can create a pattern if required, issue a tech pack if needed, create a sample and ship it to you for approval and provide the estimated production cost for your order. Our sample turnaround time is four to eight weeks with generic trims included in the samples unless the customers ask for branded trims.

Custom Trim Development

Trims play an important role in improving the functionality and beauty of a clothing line, especially for denim garments. While sending the samples to our clients, we typically use generic trims. But in case you require specific branded trims, you need to tell us in advance. As a leading custom clothing manufacturer for small orders, we offer customized trim development services wherein the customer is asked to provide the necessary details which are used to design and manufacture the trims. A good trim package takes time to develop. So, clients seeking branded or specialized trims should plan well in advance.

Design Assistance

Our experience as a leading clothing line supplier for a large number of denim brands and boutiques allows us to manufacture garments that are not only trendy, but also designed to meet the tastes of the specific target audience. If you are looking to launch a new clothing line or searching for custom clothing manufactures for small orders, we can create the replica of designs selected by you. In case you need some design assistance, we can put you in touch with experts in the field who can guide you about the styling of garments in your fashion or other clothing lines.

We Ease Your Burden by Drop Shipping

You can save a lot of time and effort by using our warehousing and drop shipping services. We offer to store and drop ship the clothing lines manufactured by us, thus reducing the gap time between manufacturing a garment and it reaching your customer. You can also benefit from our UPS, LTL and air cargo discounts.

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