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Here are some pictures for our recent projects


Recent Projects

infant denim jacket with hood

Baby's hooded jeans jacket

Infant jeans jacket

kid's denim jacket

hooded fleece shirt for kids

Infant size fleece shirt with hood

toddler jeans

custom made toddler jeans

Private label children jeans

full package production jeans for children

Womens premium jeans

Skinny jeans in premium denim fabric. Dark wash with contrast sanding.

Flare jeans project

Flares denim for women. April 2020

Denim wash demo

Sample to show jeans wash.

Denim Wash Demo

Black jeans with light wash and contrast

Full denim line development

Women's jeans line with jacket Feb 2020

Black denim wash shades

Dark black denim and gray from the same fabric

Full denim line project 2020

Blue washes denim project April 2020

Darker blue jeans washes

Blue wash scale, different shades from the same fabric

Distressed jeans

Distressed jeans project 2019

Women's jeans with distress

2019 project 50 pieces

Jeans wash shades

Different washes on the same fabric to show shades of blue

Ombre effect project

2019 project Ombre pants for men

Blue ombre effect on twill denim

PFD twill dyed with ombre effect

Previous sample

Blue ombre effect

Orange ombre

Orange sample with ombre effect

2019 skirt production

Made for a modest clothing boutique

Skirt production

Denim skirts knee length for modest clothing boutique

Wash trials denim skirts

Jeans skirts wash submission

Wash approval submit

Denim skirts for boutique

Dark wash samples

Dark jeans

New flare styles

2020 flare jeans for women

Kids denim project

Sample for kids jeans line

Denim line for kids

Heart cutout jeans for kids

Wash demo women jeans

Jeans sample

More denim washes

Demo wash for sample

Custom jeans for tall men

New jeans line with 39 inch inseam for tall men. Delivered May 2020

Tall men jeans

Small production of skinny jeans for tall men May 2020

Men's jeans with deconstruction

Destroyed men's jeans 2020

Men's jeans amazing fit

Destroyed jeans project 2020

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