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Premium Denim Basic 5 Pocket Men's Jeans 50 Piece Full Package


Save $330! Everything on this package normally costs $3030. 


When an order is placed for this private label full package production of 50 pieces, you can send us a reference fit sample or give us your afterwash target measruements (see how to measure jeans for detailed instructions, you can measure pants from any brand as long as they fit the way you want). Wash and treatment don't have to be from our pictures, customers can submit their own pictures of how they want their jeans to look. We will deliver a sample first and once approved, 50 pieces in the chosen size combination. 


The price show includes air freight delivery and duty, a main label development and the labels themselves with your logo or brand. There is nothing more to pay beyond the price of this package, you will receive finished branded garments. 


Some treatments and washes are optional and do have an additional charge. Please see the product options and select what you want. The final price will be reflected in the total. 


Starting the process:

After you place the order the process is fairly simple. We will gather the information about what you want to make. Our fabric specialist will choose the best fabric for your project out of hundreds of denims we make in our own mill. You will send us a techpack and specsheet, a pattern or an existing garment to base the fit on. The existing garment doesn't need to be exactly what you want, rather the fit should be what you want or close to what you want. You can give us alteration notes, we will apply to the pattern. 




The first sample will take 3 to 5 weeks. You will receive it via DHL. After you do the fitting, you can send us correction notes. We will determine if a second sample is needed, plese note there is a participation cost of $50 if we make a second sample. Once you approve the sample, we will send a graded measurements chart with after wash targets for each size. After you approve the specs we will proceed with the production of 50 pieces. Manufacturing and air freight typically take 4 to 5 weeks with transit time included.  


Trim note: we include every generic trim in this package price, this means buttons, zippers, thread, and everything else that doesn't have your brand on it is included in the price. Included in this package is main label development and 50 main labels, real leather back patch and 50 patches. Proceed to woven label development to see the details about the labels, there is no need to place the order for that. For any other optional branded trim like buttons, rivets, hang tags... please visit our trim section. As an alternative to a main label we can laser in your brand name on the inside of the waistband for an additional charge of $0.00 per piece, just select laser my name option on this page. Laser process only works on indigo, doesn't work on black denim or dyed twill. 



You may choose any wash and treatments you want. Send us pictures, garments, drawings.. we will do our best to finish the jeans as you imagined. Check the options you want for deconstruction on the right of this page. 

We may have to quote some denim washes and treatment separately. 

Please note that some more complicated washes and treatments may be declined or have an additional fee quoted separately. We have done all kinds of fantasy jeans but these usually have a minimum order of 200 pieces per style and wash.

Some washes and treatments will have additional charges, if your design has any we will let you know and quote separately. 


Fit selection:

You may send us an existing pair of pants to base the fit on. It doesn't matter what brand or design they are as long as when you or your fit model tries them on, they are perfect of very close to perfect fit. 

To simplify the fit selection process and save time, instead of sending us an existing pair of pants or a techpack and specsheet, you may give us measurements to make the pattern from. Although for first time orders this may be a little intimidating, it's not as hard as it looks. There are only 9 points to measure, we feel it's important that you familiarize yourself with the measurements of your jeans. Here are detailed instructions on how to take the measurements of jeans:


Fabric sourcing:

Unless you have a specific fabric you would like to use, our fabric specialist will pick the denim fabric that is best suited for the style and wash you want to acheive. 


Country of origin:

All samples and production orders are made in Pakistan. 

Private Label Men's Premium Denim Jeans 50 Pieces

  • Returns

    All orders are finial, no cancelation, returns or refunds.

    If we make the sample and you decide you do not want to proceed with production we will refund the production portion of your order provided we have not started to work on it. We may charge you a cancelation fee not exceeding 20%.

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