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Best Clothing Factory for Wholesale Supplies

We, at Private Label Apparel, specialize in helping businesses launch their clothing lines. We have gained the trust of those looking for unique boutique clothing in wholesale at attractive rates. On offer is a wide array of services essential for businesses and designers looking for custom clothing manufacturers. These range from sample making to design services and from trim development to cut and sew manufacturing, dyeing and washing services and even drop shopping. We also offer full package clothing production. If you’re looking for highly reliable jean manufacturers or wholesale clothing suppliers in USA, your search ends here. With Private Label Apparel at your service, you don’t need to invest in setting up your own infrastructure.

Fast Track Production for Your Denim Line

Private Label Apparel offers a whole range of services at its clothing factory to ensure that its customers can launch their own clothing line in no time. Based on your pre-decided designs or patterns, we prepare samples for your approval. Once you approve the sample, we are ready to fulfill your order. The whole process from concept to production delivery takes 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the nature and the size of the order. Our low minimum order per style/color condition of 50/100 numbers allows designers to experiment with a variety of designs without investing too much.

High Production Capacity

Our focus on small-batch apparel factories allows us to cater to the denim and other clothing requirements of unique boutiques and chain stores across USA. Our connections with denim factories, washhouses and finishing facilities enable quick fulfillment of design and other requirements for manufacturing wholesale jeans for men and women at reasonable prices. Given the growing demand for high-quality, USA-made clothing, we have expanded our manufacturing facilities to three in Los Angeles and two local laundries. We also have a tie-up with a large capacity factory in Asia to fulfill the denim garment requirements of several well-known brands. Our massive production capacity of 500,000 pieces per month allows us to cater to the needs of several clients at the same time.

Patterns and Samples Make It Easy for You

Being a reputed wholesale clothing supplier in USA, we offer quality denim jeans for men and women. You can order patterns and samples of various denim products for your fashion line. We offer each pattern order with a tech pack that allows you to submit your own designs along with specifications, photos or existing samples.

Dyeing and Washing for Designer Jeans

Wholesale jeans for men and women come in several colors, designs and finishes. Whether you are planning to launch stonewash or marble-wash or blue-wash or any other style of jeans, we have the necessary facilities to achieve the desired look and texture. To meet the diverse demand of jeans manufacturers by stores with denim product lines, Private Label Apparel offers a full range of denim wash services, including wet and dry processing, silicon wash, whiskering, garment dyeing and even vegetable-based color processes. Our five high capacity washing machines, four giant dryers, three sample machines and two small dryers are equipped to handle all kinds of treatments and washes for denim fabrics.

Call us or email us today, to discuss the requirements for your clothing line.

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