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Get Bulk Clothing from the Best Wholesale Supplier

Buying in bulk is a huge advantage as it can lead to significant savings. What’s more important is to buy good quality clothing at reasonable prices. We, at Private Label Apparel, offer you all these benefits. We are an established player in the bulk wholesale clothing segment for denim and other clothing lines. Whether you are looking for cut and sew manufacturers of wholesale denim jeans for men and women or full package clothing production for your fashion clothing line, we offer a wide range of services to fulfill your requirements. Here is why we are the best bulk wholesale clothing suppliers:

Good Production Capacity

Starting from a single jeans manufacturing factory, we have expanded to three local factories and two laundries for supplying high-quality US-made clothes. Given the growing demand for and popularity of denim jeans and other garments, we have inked a partnership with an overseas production facility in Asia and are already manufacturing denim clothing for several big brand companies. Our total production capacity currently stands at 500,000 pieces per month.

We Know What is in Trend

Catering to multiple clients including boutiques, bulk wholesale clothing distributors, big brands and private clothing labels allows us to know about and understand the trends in vogue. So, if you are looking for ideas to make your clothing line a big success, we can help you by providing the necessary assistance. In case you need a designer for your clothing line, we can recommend some good professionals who are well versed with the latest trends and styles.

Good Quality Wholesale Denim Fabrics and Trims

Apart from the appearance of a clothing line, what is vital is the fabric and the trims used on it. We are jeans manufacturers that understand the importance of quality. Our position as a bulk wholesale clothing supplier allows us to procure specialized fabrics like nylon reinforced, water-resistant or flame-retardant denim for wholesale denim jeans for men and women. Trims play an important role in ensuring that your garments are liked by the target audience. We not only help our customers procure the desired trims for their clothing lines, but also provide the necessary assistance for creating the right trim package.

Our Color and Wash Treatments

Jeans manufacturers are always experimenting with different finishes to make their garments different from regular normal jeans. And this requires specialized color and wash treatments that make denim jackets, jeans and other garments look attractive. Our state-of-the-art denim laundry equipment including washing machines, dryers and laser for whiskering, fading and other treatments give us the flexibility to provide any color, wash or dry process treatment for denims.

We Store and Ship Your Products Too!

Helping our clients save on investments in storage spaces and shipping services, we offer warehousing and drop shipping services for garments manufactured by us. Bulk wholesale clothing distributors can benefit from our drop shopping services by selling a wide variety of trending garments without having to store them. Our services include storage, packing of orders, shipping and tracking with the additional benefit of our deep UPS, USPS, LTL and air cargo discounts passed to our clients.

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1 Comment

Felipe Tadd
Felipe Tadd
Feb 09, 2022

As like you said bulk purchasing will definitely will lead to budget savings. Your articles are nice and easy to understand. Keep going.

- Felipe Tadd, Clothing manufacturer UK

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