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Mover Packing

Drop Shipping Services 

We offer full warehousing and drop shipping for items we produced for you

Please contact us if you need drop shipping, warehousing, transportation or any third party logistic. 

We only warehouse and drop ship garments that we produced private label for you. Sorry we can't accept apparel or any other product from the outside. 

Although we bill FOB Los Angeles, we can help you find the right carrier to ship the production to your destination domestically or international. We ship to every country in the world. 

Our Drop Shipping Service Includes:

Pick and pack individual and wholesale orders. You take your pick, and we will pack.

Add us on email order confirmations and we will ship + track your inventory

Update your system or email you a tracking number, while turning our deep UPS, USPS, LTL and air cargo discounts to you.  

Storage of your merchandise in a safe location in pristine condition.

Shipping Plans:

Depending on size and volume we have different drop ship plans.


For example, customers who have less than 200 pieces in inventory and ship individually do not get charged for storage as long as the product life cycle is less than 3 months. Handling is usually a flat fee of $3 to $4 per item plus actual freight charges. There is a plan for customers who have the same scenario with a high turnaround. In that case the flat handling fee is $2 to $3 per item. Customers who warehouse more than 200 pieces usually pay a small percentage of the sale amount with a minimum per month. 

Are you interested in having your private label clothing drop shipped directly to your boutiques or customers? At Mex Apparel, we provide full warehousing services and dropship jeans for items produced in our jeans factory. We can help you find the right carrier to ship to any destination, domestic and international. We provide shipping to every country in the world from our jeans factory in Los Angeles.

If you need drop shipping, warehousing, transportation or any third party logistic, please contact us. We are happy to fulfill your specific requirements.

Our Los Angeles area warehouse is located at 5981 Maywood Ave. in Huntington Park, 90255. 

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