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Get 240 Pieces Custom Made Premium Quality Women's Jeans


$6,720 Full Package Price Delivered by Air


Saves $1,110 in production, sample and branding costs with this bundle.


Main label and leather back patch  branding included.


You brand, your design, 240 pieces, in 5 easy steps. No previous experience needed! 


Step 1. Order this package  

Step 2. Send us measurements or a pair of pants (doesn't matter what brand) to base the fit on and email us the details for your design.

Step 3. Wait 3 to 4 weeks for us to send you the sample, approve it and let us know what sizes to produce.

Step 4. Give us the designs for your main label and leather back patch.

Step 5. Pay the blanace of your production if there were any additional charges; we will deliver 240 pieces of your design in the sizes you choose. 


Included in this package:

  • Pattern and sample according to your design
  • Sample aproval process (a sample will be sent to you for inspection and fitting)
  • Premium denim slection by our denim guru
  • Woven main label with your brand
  • Real leather back patch with your brand or logo
  • 240 piece production premium women's jeans in the sizes you specify
  • Light deconstruction (up to 3 small holes <2x2 and / or abrasion)
  • Dry treatment (whiskers, fading...)
  • Any simple wash (heavy bleaching or complicated washes extra)
  • Air delivery and duty


Washes and deconstruction can be split. This means you can order up to 2 washes, 120 pieces each for a fee of $2 per piece. 4 wash split is $4 extra per piece. 

Deconstruction can be split 2 ways at no additional charge. 


It's as simple as that. Order any full package from Private Label Clothing and recieve finished garments with your branding, according to your specifications.  No need to worry about fabric sourcing, our denim specialist will pick the best fabric for your application. If you don't like it, you will still have a chance to change it when you receive your sample. 


Please note the sample will be made without branding or special options besides wash and deconstruction. 


When placing your order, carefully review the optional services, check the ones your design is going to need. The price for each option is shown, however you will not be billed for it today. We will quote you the full price before starting on with the sample. After the sample approval process we will make an invoice with all your final options. 



240pc Women's Full Package

  • Tips


    Tips for a sucessful production run:

    • The most important thing is that you know what you want. Have your jeans design in mind. 
    • Find a pair of pants (brand not important) that fits exactly the way you want. If they almost fit perfect, you can send us alteration notes with the pants. 
    • You can take them along with your fit model to a tailor shop and ask them to write the notes (they do not need to later the pants, all we need is the notes). For example, if you want to make jeans for tall women, you can send us the fit reference sample and put a note that says add 4 inches to the lenght. 
    • Send us pictures to show the kind of wash that you want. 
    • Send us pictures of the details of your design (it could be deconstruction, abrasion...)
    • If there are no picture make a drawing or write a description. 
    • Give us the design, size and colors you want on your main label.
    • Give us the colors, design and size of you want on the back patch. 
    • Let us know the size breakdown you want to produce the 240 pieces in.
  • Payment/Deposit

    This order is non refundable 48 hours after receipt of payment.

    A 3% charge will be added to all orders paid by PayPal.

    A portion of the deposit you pay when placing an order on this page goes toward making your sample and sending it to you. 

    After receiving your sample and approving it, the balance due to make the 240 pieces will be $4,880, payable in full at the time of order. 

    You are under no obligation to order 240 pieces. Once you receive your sample, if you decide not to move forward with the production,  $950 will be deducted for the sample and pattern. Total refund $250.  

    If the production order is less than 240 pieces, a surchare will be applied to the production, we will let you know how much. 

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