Order development of any woven label. 


Looking for a main label to go inside the waistband, a small woven tab for the back pocket or any other large or small label? This is the right place to start. Order this development for any woven, printed or stamped brand label. 


A main label is a must to brand your garments. 


How this label development works:

1. You send us your logo, brand name or any other item you'd like to put on your label. 

2. Give us the colors, sizes and font to use.

3. Specify the kind of label you are looking  for and where it goes on the garment. 

4. Within 10 days we will submit a drawing of how your label will look. 

5.  3 weeks after you approve the drawing you will receive a few samples of the label to review.

6. After you approve the sample you can order production. The minimum order for woven labels varies between 500  and 1000 pieces.


Please note, this is only to develop the label, production is not included. Prices of lables varies by size and quantity ordered. The usual range is $0.15 to $0.50 per label.


Need labels fast? We have a Fast Track option that can save time and money. 

This option only applies if you are manufacturing 100 pieces or less. 

By ordering Fast Track, instead of getting a few labels to approve in step 5 above, you will receive 110 labels to approve. This is a little riskier because if these labels are not exactly what you want you still have to accept the 110 pieces. On the other hand, you will have labels fast and will not need to order the minimum that could be up to 1000 labels. On your next production run you will have a opportunity to make corrections to your label. 


You may order development of printed labels as well as laser labels from this page as well. Please note that you should only order laser labels if we are doing your production as these are imprinted on the garments during production. 


Labels made with your brand are not returnable. 


Woven Label Development

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