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Reorders of styles we already made for you - Women's jeans


This reorder doesn't include a sample or pattern. 


This package allows you to re-order a women's style we previously made for you. 

The price shown is FOB, meaning it doesn't include freight and duty. Delivery via ground with duty from Mexico is about $3.00 per piece. 


This package includes the following:

  • Reorder a women's jean we already made for you
  • Fit measurements based on the previous production of the same style
  • Fabric change if desired
  • Minor fit adjustments
  • Minor design changes (like make a skinny into a flare)
  • Deconstruction changes
  • Color or wash changes
  • 200 premium jeans production
  • Main labels
  • Leather back patches
  • Generic buttons and rivets
  • 6 to 8 weeks production lead time
  • Wash split 100pcs each wash can be added for $2 per piece surchage ($240 total, you get 2 washes)


This is for the base jeans. Not included in this package:

  • Branded trim other than listed (order trim from our Trim section)
  • Deconstruction / abasion / other dry process, select options below
  • Complicated washes, any dye, select options below
  • Embroidery, printing, laser, any other emblishment optional, please email us
  • Air delivery and duty


$22 per piece is our base FOB price for 200 jeans. Price breaks for 600, 2000, 5000 and 10000+ piece orders. 


If your original design had extra charges for heavy deconstruction, embroidery, silkscreen or any other item, these charges will be billed separately. 

Shipping, duty and any excess production (up to 20%, 40 pieces max) will be billed 1 week before shipping the order. 


This service offers a quick turnaround in small quantities that is perfect for boutiques and online stores. You can sell and replenish your own brand with ease and not have to worry about large inventories or high MOQ. 


Please note that due to the current world situation, we regret we are unable to guarantee any delivery dates. Lead times will be confimed at the time the order is placed. 


Ordering this product is for 200 women's premium denim in any one color (lab dip not included) or wash with optional treatments. Special washes or treatments may have an additional charge. The garments will be delivered with the customer's brand. This is a full package, there is nothing to supply besides special design items, everything else related to production is included in the price.


Our guarantee: we guarantee the garments we manufacture will be the same as the sample you approve within tolerence of 0.5" . Otherwise we guarantee the jeans will be within 0.5 inch tolerence of the specsheet measurements we will provide you for approval.  


Reorder 200pcs Women Premium Jeans

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