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Order garment hang tags and joker tags here. Give us your design, logo, or a description of what you want or let us design for you, we will send back an art board with some ideas. Of course if you already have a tag with your brand, just send us one, we will make an exact duplicate. 


The $260 one time fee includes:

  • Tag design (choose hang or joker tag)
  • Proofsheet
  • Print setup
  • 10 samples
  • Production price quote and lead times


Optional information to include in your description below (that we could use but if you don't know we will offer a few standards to choose from):

Your logo or design you would like (this could be as simple as your brand name, you can email us)

The finish (gloss, dark, light...)

The paper thickness (just say thin, medium or thick)

The size of your tag

Should a hole and string be included? Any particular material for the string?


If you have your own material in mind or any kind of custom request, please let us know. Our trim supplier has managed some very unusual requests in the past. 


The hangtag material doesn't necessarely have to be paper. Some are made with plastic, fabric, wood, leather, even straw. Custom projects may take longer but don't let it stop you from being creative. 


Please note that the development fee above is for paper and cardboard goods only. There may be additional charges for different materials. 

Hang Tags and Joker Tags

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