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Manufacturers of Private Label Apparel

Denim Manufacturing by Private Label Clothing  LLC offers wholesale custom clothing in the United States, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries. Manufacture any garment: jeans, shorts, jackets, outerwear, knits and many others in any type of fabrics.

In recent years, the wholesale and distribution process has become slower and costs have risen. At Denim Manufacturing, our goal is simple: offer custom wholesale clothing manufacturing with a fast turnaround and easy design submission process while maintaining reasonable prices.

Full Package Clothing Production Made Simple

All bulk garment manufacturing starts with a design and a sample. Traditional manufacturing would have customers submit tech packs, specs, fabric selection, sketches and even a sew by sample. Even for seasoned apparel professionals, putting together a new style is time consuming and costly. Unless someone has a uniquely custom design, Private Label clothing has streamlined the clothing design submission process where customers can submit designs without tech packs, specifications, fabric selection… Customers can simply submit a fit reference. Since it’s for fit only, it can be any garment that fits the same way the new design is supposed to fit. No one re-invented garments, taking the fit from an existing one saves time and complications as a target fit can be reviewed by the sample makers and matched as closely as possible. Other design aspects such as the color, hardware and trim, stitching details… can be submitted via pictures, drawings or just descriptions.

Following this method cuts the pre-production time in half and saves a lot of money, it literally takes 1 week to get the pattern made. In 90% of the cases, the first counter sample produced is close enough for correct and proceed.

This works to establish a design for any type of garment, t-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, swimwear, jeans, jackets, dresses, shirts… All that is needed is an existing garment to base the fit on and details of the particular design.

Once the sample is approved, with or without corrections, the garment is ready for production. At this point, customers give their intended size breakdown. As soon as the production is confirmed, the fabric and production space are booked, the fabric shrinkage is calculated when applicable and the grading is done. Graded measurement specs are submitted to the customer for review and approval.

It’s really at the point of graded specs approval that the production clock starts ticking. From there, the custom branded trim information is collected and the trim orders placed. At the same time the marker is printed and the fabric is cut. The cut pieces go through the sewing lines. When the sewing is completed, depending on what kind of garment it is, they will go to a next step that can be washing, printing or any other kind of treatment. The finished garments are then trimmed, this consists of adding the branded trim such as woven main labels, care instructions, buttons, logo labels… and removing all the excess thread left by the sewing process. The goods are then inspected for quality and specifications. Any damaged or off spec garment is removed from the lot. The first quality garments are then packed according to the customer’s instructions and ship off by truck, air or boat.

Bulk production lead time is about 8 weeks at the time of printing this. Actual lead times vary depending on the circumstances, each order will be given an estimated time of delivery when it is placed. Due to the current world situation, the company does not guarantee any delivery date, orders are processed and produced as quickly as possible.

Minimum bulk manufacturing depends on the type of garment and the country where it’s being made. For jeans made in Pakistan for example, the MOQ is 120 pieces per style, this can be in any size combination and the wash can be split in 2 with 60 pieces each. Other countries like the USA will have a denim MOQ of 250 pieces.

As part of the service, Private Label Clothing guarantees all the garments delivered will be 1st quality, on spec within the tolerance and within the approved color range. If something is off, the garments will be repaired, replaced or refunded.

Facilitating fast fashion is key to the reorganization the apparel industry is undergoing. Quantities are going down, prices are going up. With the radical changes the big apparel manufacturers are making, the supply chain is being revamped.

The best answer to these issues is white label clothing. The days of buying wholesale from brands at a discount are over. Even jobbers and distributors are starting to feel the changes. By offering white label clothing in bulk, boutiques and online stores are able to access styles they know will sell and have them delivered with their own store brand.

Private Label Clothing is in the process of making white label clothing available in bulk. The target lines will be women’s denim like jeans, skirts and shorts, men’s denim and basic knits like sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts.

The scheduled launch for the white label clothing program is March of 2022.

Custom Make Any Garment In Bulk

Private label denim manufacturing is the original service the company offers. With the addition of the China gateway in 2021 and relationships with new factories, Private Label Clothing offers to custom make any type of garment with the exception of lingerie, hats and shoes.

Customers can send a picture of a similar garment or a sketch of what they are looking to make and get a quote that includes prices for samples and production with air delivery, MOQs and delivery delays.

Denim production is usually made in Pakistan.

Sustainable denim is made in Turkey.

Knits like hoodies and tees are made in the USA or Pakistan.

All other garment types are made in China or Vietnam.

The country of origin is always confirmed at the time of placing a bulk order.

Starting An Apparel Line

Starting a new line from scratch and even adding styles to an existing line can be challenging. It takes knowledge, time and money. In most cases, companies need an entire production department to manufacture their clothing properly. With Private Label Clothing at their side, customers are free to take care of designs, sales and customer service. Private Label Clothing takes care of all the production aspects as well as the related logistics. Customers get finished garments, according to their designs, with their own brand label delivered to their door.

Private Label Clothing only manufactures premium clothing. Everything is top quality in the best fabrics and constructions possible. The company will not accept to make cheap wholesale clothing, rather it will deliver premium quality at reasonable prices.

There are a variety of money saving production packages available on the website. Each package is either for samples or an entire production that includes samples and bulk.


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