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Quality Wholesale Women’s Clothing at Best Prices

Private Label Apparel is an established supplier of wholesale women’s and men’s clothing. We assist boutiques, brands and designers turn their ideas into unique clothing lines. This is a new way to buy bulk women’s jeans for boutique owners that is more adapted to our times.

Our focus is to provide our customers with an easy way to create designs and produce them in quantities as small as 50 pieces per style and wash. The purchase quantity is comparable to what would be ordered with a conventional wholesale women’s clothing supplier only boutiques get their own designs produced. It’s as easy as giving an existing pair of women’s jeans to base the fit on and indicating what wash, deconstruction… Wholesale customers can even request fit alterations like make the inseam 1 inch longer, take out 0.5 from the waistband or adjust the leg opening.

Choosing the Right Design

It’s easy for fashion store owners and buyers to know the trends, after all they spend much time and money buying wholesale clothing from brands and bulk distributors. They basically have a front seat to all the new trends when they visit showrooms, trades shows and warehouses. Boutique owners also know what sells in their stores giving them an edge that is specific to their clientele. All they need is to choose what they want to produce under their own store microbrand. Make a women’s skinny jeans, boyfriend fit, straight or boot cut or make one of each, the minimum order is only 50 pieces per style.

Our experience in designing wholesale clothing for boutique owners means we can easily translate your ideas into actual products. We will even take care of the branded trim and deliver complete garments ready to sell.

Quality and Fit First

Private Label Apparel is here to take care of all the technical aspects of clothing manufacturing. Our goal is to provide premium fashion using top shelf fabrics and the best workmanship. Our garment technicians will create a graded spec sheet and go over every measurement to make sure the fit is right on every size.

We start by sending fabric swatches to choose the best denim fabric. You send us a pair of pants for the fit, we make a sample in the fabric you chose. We will wash the garment according to your description that can be just a picture of another piece of clothing to make a similar wash. Then we send you the sample to try on. After everything is approved we proceed with production of 50pc MOQ and manufacture according to the size break down you give us.


Private Label Connection is a one stop shop destination for full package women’s apparel production. We offer all branded trim development. The minimum a brand should have is a main label. We can do woven end fold labels as well as printed labels and even laser in some things directly on the jeans. Other brand trim we can develop are leather back patches, metal jean buttons, rivets, hang tags, size stickers, size labels, joker tags and just about anything else you can imagine.

Best Wholesale Pricing

Cost control is a challenge when making small batch bulk production. We try to maintain the best prices for high quality garments. 50 premium jeans for women wholesale cost for example varies between $28 and $34 depending on the size scale, design and fit; plus size may cost a little more, kids jeans a little less. This price includes air delivery and duty.

What About Delivery?

The sample process takes a little while so starting a new style is about 8 weeks lead time. Once a style is established (after the first production is done), the lead time is more like 4 weeks.

We offer a production program with just in time delivery. Boutiques who want to have a rotation can make a larger amount that we can keep in stock unwashed. Orders can be placed off of that stock 50 pieces at a time in different washes. The lead time in this case is only 2 weeks. So basically one could make say 500 pieces of a style and have a program where 50 pieces are released every week.

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