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Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Denim

Running a successful clothing retail chain requires connections with the best wholesale clothing suppliers who can offer high quality products at reasonable rates with quick delivery. Private Label Apparel is one such supplier. Their small batch apparel manufacturing facilities cater to boutiques, chain stores, brands and designers experienced and new interested in sourcing high quality boutique wholesale clothing. We also have a partnership with a manufacturer in Pakistan, which allows us to cater to the growing requirements for wholesale denim jeans for men and women.

CMT or Full Package Production, Get Either

High quality boutique wholesale clothing can be procured in two ways. With a cut and sew manufacturer which will produce the clothes as per designs and specifications provided by you, or choose a full package clothing supplier. Private Label Apparel offers both options to customers with full services such as design, wholesale fabric sourcing, trim development, sample making, patterns and tech packs, dyeing and washing of denim and even drop shipping in certain cases.

Private Label Apparel provides the necessary samples for approval with tech packs of your garment specifications. It takes 6-12 weeks from concept to production delivery. Subsequent orders of an established style take 4 weeks ex-factory. So get ready to procure high quality boutique wholesale clothing with your own store brand.

Quality is Important

Good quality wholesale clothing distributors ensure that not only the fabric used for manufacturing wholesale jeans for men and women is premium denim, but the accessories such as buttons, thread and other trims used are also of high quality.

Since the team at Private Label Apparel is experienced, they have long standing relationships with fabric suppliers of good quality denim and other fabrics. This allows their clients to choose from swatches. In case you wish to incorporate specific trims in your clothing line, inform them well in advance because trim development takes time.

Denim Laundry is Also Available

Wash, color and dry treatments play an important role in fashion clothing distribution and jeans manufacturing. Their connections with denim wash houses and sewing factories in Los Angeles, Private Label offers a full range of denim wash services including wet and dry processing, laser whiskering, silicon wash, piece dyeing, garment dyeing and even eco-friendly vegetable-based color processes. Lab dips to match any color, wash and dry processes for any type of denim clothing, the laundries can develop or reproduce any wash.

Warehousing and Drop Shipping for Items Produced

Very few wholesale clothing vendors offer warehousing facilities, clothing line manufacturers always can use extra warehouse space. Understanding the need for storing manufactured products, good quality wholesale clothing distributors offer warehouse and drop-ship garments produced for clients. They can ship to any country in the world. Services offered include the storage of the merchandise, picking and packing of retail and wholesale orders, tracking inventory and passing on the UPS, USPS, LTL and air cargo discounts to clients. The storage charges are dependent on a product’s life cycle, they are usually free for the first 3 months.

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