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China Factory

Manufacture any garment in China the easy way. All you need to know is what you want to make, we can do the rest. Connect with over 500 apparel factories all over China and leave your mark on the fashion industry.


Get all the benefits, all the guarantees and all the payment safety you need to order garments wholesale from China without any of the headache.

Over 500 garment factories from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Foshan, wherever there are apparel factories in China you have access to one or more that is vetted and verified. 

What's more, orders are followed by a network of thousands of QC personnel. 

Whatever garment you want to make in bulk, jeans, outerwear, knits, sweaters, dresses, swimwear, if you can think of it, we can probably make it. 

​Choose either custom made clothing according to your design or from current runs factories have. All the garments are delivered with your logo and branding.

It's easy and free to get started. Just proceed to the bottom of the screen, fill out the form with the information about the garments you'd like to make, upload some pictures if possible. We will get back to you within 3 business days with prices, lead times, minimums, everything you need to make a decision and move fast. 

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Get quick response and full order management on any bulk quantity

Buying wholesale apparel from China has just gotten a lot easier. 

  • Hundreds of factories that are vetted and verified by a real person

  • Custom made garments of any type according to your specifications

  • Choice of current runs of basic clothing 

  • Everything delivered with your branding and logo

  • Payments are made to a US company and guaranteed by the same

  • Masks, face shields, gloves... all the anti-COVID wear available

  • Get wholesale pricing according to your bulk quantities

  • We take care of all the product development and manufacturing

  • Shipping and duty are always included in the quote


Main Apparel Categories

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So What's The Difference?

China factory directories aren't in short supply online. What is different here? 

If you've looked for a garment factory online: 

You probably found giant websites like Alibaba and Made in China. Although those directories can be helpful in sourcing new factories, you may have found certain limitations that are difficult to get around.

  • For starters, whatever bulk apparel you're looking for, these sites will give you hundreds if not thousands of factories. There is no way to contact all of them and asking a sample from more than 2 or 3 would get complicated and expensive. How do you know you're getting the best factory? Want to trust the * ratings? 

  • Once one or more factories are selected, people soon realize that communication is a real barrier. It's not only the language, it's the technical and being able to present the information in a way the factory will be able to understand and execute. Even companies with apparel production experience can find it difficult to establish proper communication with a new factory. You literally have to speak Factory.

  • After the sample is received and approved, comes time to send money, between 50 and 100% of the order. Now this is the part most people think twice. There are so many horror stories of people paying for garment production only to later realize they found the forty thieves instead. It takes trust to complete a business transaction; it's already hard to give it to businesses in your country, it's even harder to send money to a country half way across the world with no assurances whatsoever...

  • After the production is paid for and placed, who does the QC? Who makes sure the order is taken care of and will be on time? 

  • Then comes the shipping. You need to have a freight forwarder, customs broker, the works... 

Those who place huge orders can afford to travel to China or already have staff in China to visit the factory and inspect the goods. For those who are spending less than $25,000 - $30,000 the expense for the trip may not make sense. They can still get an independent QC company, those can also be hard to trust and difficult to communicate with. 

Private Label Clothing brings a different approach to this dilemma:

Instead of giving you a list of a bunch of factories, we ask you to submit the actual garments you are looking to make using the form above or one of the product type specific pages.

The submission goes to our office in China. One of our staff there who is familiar with all of the factories in our directory will choose the best ones for your garments. 

Every factory on our list has been fully vetted, including in person visit and audit.

All payments are made to our company in the USA and are guaranteed.

Every sample and production order has a manager assigned at the office in China.

The manager takes care of pushing the order through and following up to make sure everything is on time and on spec.

We take care of all communications.

Orders are QC'd by our office before they are sent out.

We get the best air shipping rates thanks to volume. Our freight forwarder in China is very talented and can always find space in the next flight out. 

We can't guarantee delivery dates due to the current world situation, we can however assure you that your order will get top priority as we place many orders with the factories and have more pull. 

So what's this costing you? 

We are an agent who acts like your production department with feet on the ground in China. Add the other services, payment guarantee, freight forwarding, customs clearance... To cover all of the aspects from sample to delivered finished goods, the extra cost to you is 0. Don't get us wrong, we do this for profit and have a markup included in the prices we quote; the actual coming out charge is lower than what it would cost you to bring the goods in yourself from the same factory. Besides our discount for bulk volume with the factories, we get better rates on air and ocean cargo and we have our own office and QC staff. Even after our markup is added the LDP price ends up being lower, our service actually saves you money and tons of headaches. Plus, there is no price to having an experienced team ensure your order is delivered without hiccups. 

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